Brand Identity & Logo Design

Crafting Visual Stories that Captivate, Inspire, and Establish Lasting Connections with Your Audience.

Your Brand, Transformed: Unleashing the Power of Visual Storytelling


Logo Design

At Bysomeone, we believe that a logo should be a true reflection of your brand’s essence. Our talented designers meticulously craft unique and unforgettable logos that capture the spirit of your business. Each mark is thoughtfully designed to convey your brand’s values and leave a lasting impression.



Typography is an art form we take seriously. Our expert typographers carefully select fonts that harmonize with your brand’s personality. From elegant serifs to modern sans-serifs, we choose typefaces that speak to your brand’s character and create a consistent visual language across all your communications.


Color Palette

Colors have the power to evoke emotions and create visual impact. Our team creates a carefully curated color palette that resonates with your brand’s identity. By selecting hues that convey the right message and evoke the desired emotions, we ensure your brand stands out and makes a lasting impression.


Visual Style

At Bysomeone, we believe in the art of visual storytelling. Our designers utilize captivating imagery, stunning illustrations, and sophisticated patterns to create a visual style that reflects your brand’s unique narrative. This cohesive visual language ensures your brand captivates and engages your audience.


Brand Voice

Crafting a distinct and authentic brand voice is our passion. Our skilled writers and strategists work closely with you to develop a tone, language, and communication style that resonates with your target audience. We create a voice that speaks directly to your customers, forging strong connections and building brand loyalty.


Brand Guidelines

We provide comprehensive brand guidelines that serve as a blueprint for maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand identity. Our guidelines detail logo usage, typography rules, color palettes, and image styles. By following these guidelines, you can confidently express your brand’s essence across all channels and touchpoints.

Brand Gallery

Discover our curated portfolio featuring exceptional design projects that showcase our expertise and commitment to creating captivating brand experiences.

Our Process

Nurturing Brands through a Meticulous Process of Identity Crafting and Refinement.



We immerse ourselves in your brand’s story, market dynamics, and customer aspirations to uncover profound insights that shape the essence of your iconic brand identity.


Visionary Concepts

We explore innovative concepts, pushing design boundaries to create captivating brand elements that reflect your purpose and resonate with your audience.


Creative Exploration

Every detail matters. We Meticulously refine iconic logos, typography, colors, and interfaces for exquisite brand experiences that epitomize craftsmanship.


Empowering Guidelines​

We create brand guidelines to unleash your full potential, with simplicity, elegance, and timeless design, making an impact across all touchpoints.

Discover the Power of a Distinct Brand Identity. Let's Create Something Iconic Together​

Brand Identity Packages

Transparent Pricing and Comprehensive Packages

Essentials Package


Some chase “just a logo,” even though we both know its so much more than that. 

Growth Package

Best Selling


Ready to transcend the superficial and build a foundation styled just for you?

Exclusive Package

Game Changer

For visionary brands who refuse to blend in, bespoke branding that commands attention.

This is just a preview of what we offer. If you don't see what you need here, get in touch and we'll craft a custom solution for your brand.

It's More Than Just a Logo

The images below demonstrate the distinction between a tote bag featuring only a logo versus one portraying a comprehensive brand identity.

A Logo Alone is Just the Beginning

An iconic logo is crucial, relying on a mark in isolation lacks the stylistic cohesion and depth of an immersive identity that resonates with audiences.

Bringing the Brand to Life Through Cohesive Visuals

An effective brand identity creates familiarity and trust by weaving logo, color palette, typography, voice, and graphical elements into a unified experience.


Discover What Our Valued Client Have to Say About Their Remarkable Journey with Us.​

Why Brand Identity Matters: Building Strong Foundations for Lasting Success.

Explore the Importance of Brand Identity in Establishing a Meaningful Connection with Your Audience.

How is it going to help your business?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does your brand identity process look like?

We uncover your brand essence through research, then strategically shape your logo, typography, color palette, imagery, voice, and other identifiers.

How do you develop a brand identity?

Through research, workshops, competitive analysis, and strategy we shape the visual and written elements that express the core of your brand. This brings it to life across touchpoints.

Why is brand identity important?

A strong, coherent identity builds recognition and trust. It differentiates you in the market and forms an emotional connection with your audience to drive preference.

What elements does brand identity include?

Core elements are your logo, typography, color palette, imagery style, voice, and more. Extended applications can be stationery, signage, packaging, and branded environments.

How is your approach unique?

We blend strategy with creative to develop authentic brand identities, not just logos and stylesheets. Custom-crafted versus pre-set deliverables.

How much does brand identity cost?

Cost varies based on project scope. For a standalone logo suitable for small business, our pricing starts at $699. However, we recommend our Growth Package for most brands. This includes logo plus brand guidelines and Typography + font paring starting at $1,299. For an expanded identity system with usage guidelines and branded templates, full identity projects range from $2,000-$10,000+. We’re happy to provide pricing specific to your needs and scope.

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